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Join a series of LIBSENSE online meetings “Co-designing collaborative free and open source open access publishing infrastructures”, organised by WACREN, EIFL and the Coko Foundation. We welcome editors and publishers, researchers, librarians and tool builders. 

Previously scheduled as a side event in the now cancelled WACREN 2020 conference, this first of four online meetings took place on June 24 and focused on the audit of needs and tools: 

  • Needs assessment for open access scholarly publishing in Africa

  • Open source tools and services for publishing books, journals and textbooks

  • Training and support needs 

The meeting notes are here.  There is also a recording of the meeting.

The second monthly call took place on July 29 and participants discussed functionalities and features of open access publishing infrastructure in Africa. The meeting notes are here

The third call which took place on August 26 reviewed the requirements gathering of previous meetings and discussed the principles that need to be adopted to sustain shared free and open source open access publishing infrastructure in Africa.  The meeting notes are here

This fourth call in the series, which took place on Nov 6, focused on turning the principles into action in a workflow-driven approach that addresses the journal and preprints use cases. Participants co-designed the high-level architecture in the sprint. They documented journal and preprint workflows after using visual collaboration tools to brainstorm how they might look in a platform design

Subsequent activity will address designing training and support programmes and framing the Coalition for Open Access Publishing Infrastructures in Africa: tools, training, hosting, and advice.

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