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To achieve LIBSENSE objectives, a key activity is the wide-ranging survey in each NREN region based on the questionnaire on evolving roles of HEI librarians that was piloted in WACREN.  The survey has been reframed within the context of the development and maintenance of federated Open Access repositories.

In each region, the survey will attempt to:

  1. Understand the evolving role of the library function in contemporary African higher education institutions (HEIs). This will especially mean understanding the role of librarians vis-à-vis digital resources, especially open access repositories (OARs).

  2. Understand how institutions affecting the higher education sector support or constrain the roles of librarians, especially where these are concerned with digital resource management and implementation. These institutions could include national librarian consortia/organisations within the sector directly supporting capacity building initiatives etc.

  3. Determine how NRENs can work with librarians to support their roles. This includes eliciting service requirements that librarians need to support their roles and other ways in which NRENs can support librarian groups.

  4. Gather demographic information that would be useful in categorizing the librarian communities of practice in African regions so as to understand this evolving field better.

ASREN Region

Ubuntunet Alliance Region


Final Results

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