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  • Terms of Reference for NREN-Library collaboration in African countries
  • Metadata guidelines for repositories
  • Plans for a regional repository hosting service

  • National and institutional policy templates

Three working groups were set up, on open science policies, governance and leadership; infrastructure - open access journals, repositories for publications and data and open discovery services; and capacity building - communities of practice and training. In addition, region-specific and language-specific discussions are taking place as Arabic (North Africa) and French (West and Central Africa) working groups.

LIBSENSE will continue to assist countries and regions in Africa to undertake new activities and act as a forum for information exchange across the continent and amongst the different stakeholder communities.  It is included as a dedicated work package in the latest iteration of the AfricaConnect project.

If you are interested in participating in these activities, please get in touch with the LIBSENSE program managers by email to

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